Saturday, February 2, 2008

IPO of Invest and Finance securities Limited

Invest and Finance Securities Limited has announced its IPO Initial Public Offering). Salient features of this initial public offering are as follows.

1. Applications for shares can be filed on 11.02.2008 and 12.02.2008.
2. Shares are offered at par value of Rs.10/- each.
3. Minimum amount for per application is Rs.5000/- for 500 shares.
4. The bankers where applications can be filed are:-

a. Arif Habib Bank Limited.
b. Habib Bank Limited.
c. Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited.
d. JS Bank Limited.
e. KASB Bank Limited.
f. MCB Bank Limited.
g. Soneri Bank Limited.
h. United Bank Limited.

Salient features of the company:-

1. Main source companies business is brokerage commission, dividend, sale/purchase of shares.

2. The company is a Corporate member of Karachi Stock Exchange and Lahore Stock Exchange.

3. The company is incorporated in 1999.

4. Application and complete prospectus can be downloaded from the following website. Please viewing you should have Acrobate Reader on your system.

5. Detail of earning per share for the past years, appearing in the prospecturs, is as under:-

30.06.2003 Rs.3.52
30.06.2004 Rs.14.81
30.06.2005 Rs.3.10
30.06.2006 Rs.3.59
30.06.2007 Rs.6.70

6. The company for the period ending 30.06.2006 issued 300% bonus shares, which is the only stock dividend issued by the company since its incorporation.

7. The company has the plans to expand its branch network from 6 to 20 shortly.

8. In 2007 there were two Initial Public Offerings of the companies having same nature of business i.e. Arif Habib Limited and Pervez Ahmed Securities, share of which were sold at Rs.100/- and Rs.10/-. Now the shares of these companies are trading at Rs.304 and Rs.58.80 per shares. Previous earning history also compel experts to recommend the public to go for this share.